Megaplast – a member of Nhat Huy Group, is the first Vietnam Supplier of Filler Masterbatch to own CaCO3 powder factories (Global Minerals), so we can directly collect the best source for producing Filler Masterbatch and production cost-optimization. Our factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters with a total annual production capacity of 160,000 MTs.

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Megaplast Factory’s Overview

The outstanding factors of Filler Masterbatch from Mega Plast

1- Filler Masterbatch with High Dosage Rate from 20-40% for all plastic applications:

Thanks to owning all modern 3-screw extruders, our Filler Masterbatch from Mega Plast can be loaded by:

+ PP woven Sacks: up to 40% for speed line >350 mpm

+ PE Blown Film: up to 50% for film thickness > 40 micron

+ PP Injection Household: up to 30% for Homo, MFI = 8-12

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How to use the PE Filler Masterbatch in the right way?

Taking new heights in business success, we are actively engaged as a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Calcium Filler over the world. We supply PP & PE BASED CaCO3 FILLER MASTERBATCH which helps manufacturers reduce the production cost and increase the quality of finished products. No Water Carryover & high tensile strength.

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2- Filler Masterbatch with Great Whiteness & brightness >98.5%

+ With owning soft limestone quarries & our caco3 power factories (in the same areas as our Filler Masterbatch’s factory) so that Mega Plast can CONTROL the quality stability for all shipments.

+ CaCO3 powder from Mega Plast (Vietnam) has top brightness > 98.5% compared to others (Egypt, India, Turkey, Nigeria…). Therefore, Plastic factories can save costs by reducing white agents.

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3- Competitive price – Best FOB Haiphong price

+ Having our own CaCO3 powder factories with competitive inputs.

+ Cheap labor costs in the mountainous area.

4- Control the stability quality by applying 6 below steps:

👍 Step 1: Check and Calculate the exact % of raw materials => produced in the triple-twin crew extruder machine.

👍Step 2: Samples are taken directly from the machine and tested every 30 MINUTES to check Dispersion, MFI, impurities,… in our LAB.

👍 Step 3: Packed in the strong bag to avoid moisture.

👍 Step 4: Palletized Wrapping for easy storage and efficient transportation.

👍 Step 5: Choose the best service shipping line.

👍 Step 6: Keep well samples of each lot for 6 months in our lab

5- High Standard Packing

Adding desiccant into each layer of bags in 1 pallet => control the moisture <0.1% & avoid damage in transportation.

6- Long year experience in exporting Filler masterbatch worldwide

Mega Plast has more than 7- years of experience supplying 10,000 tones/month to 60 countries and we have agents in India, China, Spain, Africa, Morocco… We commit to you that you will be satisfied with our quality. We are willing to send you samples FREE OF CHARGE for your testing.

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