the agent shall

The Agent undertakes and agrees with the Supplier that at all times during the Term it will, at its own expense:

  • Supply the Products to Agent for resale in the Territory.
  • Provide any information and technical support and documentation related to the Products, as well as the necessary training, in order for Agent to duly fulfil its duties.
  • Make sure the good quality as agreed and must coordinate with the Agent to clarify if there are any claim issue.
  • Supply any available promotional and advertising material that the Agent reasonably requests.
  • Pay commission of all Net Product Sales directly from the Agent’s efforts as per revenue accordingly (contact us for more details).

the Supplier shall

The Supplier agrees that at all times during the Term it shall:

  • Use all reasonable capacity to promote the product and sale of the Products in the Territory.
  • Trying to increase sales and win market share.
  • Report on the market to the supplier by monthly and quarterly, then the supplier can understand the market and launch suitable support to the Agent.
  • Ensure the minimum order quantity (contact us for more details).
  • Commit to buy only from suppliers in the Territory and to Reserved Customers in the Territory.
  • Receive annual bonus based on total value and volume of the purchase made.

Prices and payment

The prices to be paid by the Agent to the Supplier for the Products are to be those that have been negotiated and agreed previously in the sales quarter (Contact us directly for details).

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