मेगा प्लास्ट से फिलर मास्टरबैच: मध्य पूर्व बाजार के लिए आदर्श
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In the Middle East market, there is a high demand for plastic products that are durable, cost-effective, and of high quality. To achieve this, plastic manufacturers need to incorporate फिलर मास्टरबैच into their production process. फिलर मास्टरबैच is a cost-effective and efficient filler that can improve the properties of plastic products.

What makes Mega Plast’s Filler Masterbatch popular in the Middle East market?

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शानदार उत्पादन क्षमता

कुल वार्षिक उत्पादन क्षमता 160,000 Metric Tons

With long years of experience, we have received approval to be one of the highest quality polvo de CaCO3 फिलर मास्टरबैच manufacturers worldwide, with a total annual capacity is about 160.000 tons/year. With this capacity, we can bring good businesses to all the buyers in Middle East/Gulf countries without any delay in shipping.

शुद्ध सफेद सामग्री संसाधन

With the advantages of a calcium carbonate powder source with a top brightness >98.5%, Mega Plast Factory can produce polvo de CaCO3 फिलर मास्टरबैच with greater whiteness & brightness than other sources in India and Malaysia. Besides, thanks to the possession of our own limestone quarries, Mega Plast has strong support from Global Minerals Factory, which is also a member of our group. Global Minerals is a famous brand supplying high-quality calcium carbonate powder worldwide. Many Middle East countries are buying our polvo de CaCO3 powder also.

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New High Technology Suitable For Middle East

2021 की शुरुआत में, हमने 3 नई उच्च-गुणवत्ता वाली स्क्रू एक्सट्रूडर मशीनों में निवेश किया, जो हमें मिश्रण प्रक्रिया में सुधार करने और फैलाव बढ़ाने की अनुमति देती हैं:

+ उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली स्क्रू एक्सट्रूडर मशीन

+ आधुनिक मिश्रण तकनीक सुविधाएं

फिलर ग्लोबल की आपूर्ति में एक दशक का अनुभव

Starting in 2014, we have manufactured and supplied polvo de CaCO3 filler masterbatch worldwide to many customers, from small to big ones, including Middle East and Gulf countries.

ग्राहक हमारे उच्चतम गुणवत्ता वाले उत्पादों और शिपिंग सेवा से बहुत खुश थे।

दुनिया भर में आपूर्ति की मात्रा लगभग 10,000 MTS है, और यह निरंतर रूप से बढ़ रही है!

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What are ideal Filler Masterbatch for Middle East Market?

Founded for nearly 20 years, we are a strong technical team that has developed successful many good grades which were approved by customers from all over the world. Our traditional products include polvo de CaCO3 फिलर मास्टरबैच for Plastic film blowing, Plastic woven bags, Plastic injection molding, and Plastic Nonwoven bags.

हमने सफलतापूर्वक दो उत्कृष्ट नए उत्पाद विकसित किए:

+ PE फिलर मास्टरबैच that container high % polvo de CaCO3: Up to 89% to save significant COST for customers.

+ PP फिलर मास्टरबैच for HIGH-SPEED PP WOVEN manufacturing. Customers can load our grade for high-speed machines at 550 RPM and still keep good strength and elongation.

हमारी फैक्टरी