聚丙烯 填充母粒 is the combination of Calcium Carbonate and Polypropylene (PP) as the main components, and other 添加剂. Thanks to the extremely outstanding feature contained in the ingredients of 碳酸钙, PP 填充母粒 gives natural white colour to the finished product plus the stability of colour dispersion. This product is used as a filler which helps 提高生产率、硬度,改变表面的物理、化学和热属性,并降低商品成本。


Mega Plast PP 填充母粒




Thanks to own CaCO3 Powder Factories (area of 50,000 square meters with total annual production capacity of 120,000 Mts), we have stable materials and can directly collect the best source for producing filler masterbatch, which can help us have a competitive price for this material.

Mega Plast PP 填充母粒 01


With new formula from our factories, NHG’s PP FILLER MASTERBATCH can HELP INCREASE THE DOSAGE RATE UP TO: 40% FOR PP WOVEN; 30% FOR SPEED 520mpm FOR PP WOVEN; 15% FOR FIBC and still keep the excellent elongation, tensile strength, super smooth surface and dispersion.

Mega Plast PP 填充母粒 03
Mega Plast PP 填充母粒 04

In filler masterbatch, we add some 添加剂 to increase the elasticity when you process with Virgin Resin and this also supports you to negate all problems that occur in manufacturing PP Woven Bag/FIBC Bag.



关于 Nhat Huy 集团 – 领先且可靠的填充母粒制造商和供应商

  • NHAT HUY GROUP 成立已超过 15 年,拥有 10 家子公司
  • 优秀的抗颤功能
  • 拥有2家工厂,年产能12万吨
  • 由印度、沙特阿拉伯、巴基斯坦、孟加拉国和波兰 5 个最大的机构发行。