Discount for PP Filler Masterbatch: Middle East Special

Being the leading supplier from Vietnam to the Middle East market, MEGA PLAST JSC (一辉集团) would like to offer you our PP-based 碳酸钙 填充母粒 for PP woven Sacks with BIG PROMOTION in July 2022 with the best quality.   

HOT PROMOTION: UP TO 10% – Only from 360USD/MT for PP filler masterbatch

MEGA PLAST (Vietnam) can offer our PP-based 碳酸钙 填充母粒 at a much more competitive price than Indian suppliers &更一致的质量。

Especially from June to July 2022, Mega Plast would like to offer you a 10% PROMOTION for first orders for all new customers:

  • FOB 海防:仅360美元/吨起 depending on grades
  • 最小订单量:27.5MTs/1FCL 20ft 带托盘

Explore our range of PP Filler Masterbatch for Woven Fabrics

Advantages of using our PP Filler Masterbatch for your PP woven manufacturing process


Beginning of 2021, MegaPlast invested in 3 new high-quality screw extruder machines that allow us to improve the mixing process and increase dispersion.

  • 高品质螺杆挤出机
  • 现代混合技术有利于

拥有我们的涂层和精细 碳酸钙 粉末 & 现代三螺杆挤出机,MEGA PLAST(越南)可以为您提供 PP-based 碳酸钙 填料 at a high dosage rate of up to 40% for a machine speed of around 350 MPM.


02 Filler Chau My.PP woven
广告填充物 02 02

Saving production cost

Mega Plast is a member of 一辉集团, which is the first Vietnam Supplier of 填充母粒 to own 碳酸钙 粉末 factories (全球矿产), so we can directly collect the best source for producing our products with 98% whiteness. It helps customers to save their production costs by reducing percentages of white agents or 母粒.

Nhat huy 矿物 01
98.5 High Whiteness edited 1
CaC03填料masterba 1a

Stable quality WITHOUT Tape Breaking

Being the FIRST supplier in Vietnam owing to our limestone quarries & 碳酸钙 powder factories, MEGA PLAST can control well our output materials & make STABLE QUALITY for every order. We also make sure no dispersion issues by testing samples within 30 minutes of all lots in our laboratory. It can help to reduce the tape-breaking issues in customers’ production.

Long years of experience exporting to the Middle East market

Over seven years of business, we’ve manufactured and supplied a huge volume of 1.500 tonnes/month to over 10 Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, etc.
Some of our customers in the Middle East for your reference: HARIS AL AFAQ LTD, NABD N. NAJD TRD EST, QATAR POLYMER INDUSTRIAL COMPANY,…

We also took part in Arab Plast 2015, 2017, and 2019 as a trusted plastic exhibitor from Vietnam and have won customers’ reputation by good quality and service.

如果您的企业正在寻找优质供应商 填充母粒 和色母粒在世界上具有竞争力的价格,请随时与我们联系。

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