Ready to Shine at Chinaplas 2023: Megaplast's Journey

打开成功之门 – 参加亚洲最大的塑料橡胶贸易展览会

CHINAPLAS 国际橡塑展自 1983 年创办以来,一直为塑料橡胶行业带来革命性的变革。继获得欧洲塑料橡胶机械制造商协会 (EUROMAP) 在中国的独家赞助后,CHINAPLAS 现已成为公认的亚洲顶级展会,并得到了来自欧洲塑料橡胶机械制造商协会的进一步认可。 UFI(全球展览业协会)。

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CHINAPLAS 2023 国际橡塑展拥有来自全球 4,000 多家参展商,展示革命性的 3D 技术,为专家提供了一个发现非凡新产品的非凡平台。第 35 届展会将于 4 月 17 日至 20 日在深圳国际会展中心举行,得益于 EUROMAP 的赞助,与会者可以无限制地获得塑料和橡胶行业突破性的增长机会。

CHINAPLAS 2023国际橡塑展即将到来,必将成为行业专业人士的一场盛会。与会者可以探索通过工业 4.0 未来工厂实现更高可预测性和可追溯性的数字解决方案 - 所有现场演示!此外,参观者还将在塑料回收与循环经济会议和展示会上了解塑料回收的全球趋势。对于那些喜欢虚拟参与的人来说,设计 x 创新网络研讨会提供了另一种与中国或亚太地区进行国际交流的方式 - 不要错过这个独特的机会!

China Plast 2019:宝贵的经验

一辉集团 had a remarkable journey at ChinaPlas 2019, where we were able to create meaningful connections with prospective customers and share our products. We encountered various international delegates who showed extreme interest in working together with us, which resulted in successful business contracts which significantly increased our global visibility as a dependable partner for plastic industry manufacturers worldwide. 

At the renowned ChinaPlas 2019, visitors to 一辉集团’s booth were greeted with enthusiastic advice on our top-tier products. Our steady research into quality raw materials and world-class production procedures have enabled us to provide premium offerings that impressed attendees at this prestigious plastic industry event. We are devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction with our esteemed services, as well as proving the strength of economic partnerships between China and other nations. 

让您的业务更上一层楼:参观 Nhat Huy 集团在 CHINAPLAS 国际橡塑展上的表现

Nhat Huy Group is excited to reveal a comprehensive suite of solutions for many industries at their exhibition. With representatives from Mega Plast and Global Minerals, explore options in filler masterbatch along with Calcium Carbonate Powder – pick the ideal fit that surpasses all expectations. See details below – Come join us as we discover these exciting solutions together!






热销提醒:首次购买我们令人惊叹的填充塑料可节省 $100

参观我们的展位,购买我们的填充母粒和碳酸钙粉末即可享受 100 美元优惠*

*折扣仅适用于前 30 次购买 2023 国际橡塑展

FB 填料 HC PlastIndia 促销 T3
FB KS HC Chinaplast 促销 T3

我们热忱欢迎所有塑料行业人士,包括经销商和研发合作伙伴莅临本次展会参观。我们知识丰富的销售团队将随时回答您对我们的产品线和服务的任何问题,此外,我们还提供免费样品,以便客户在购买前充满信心。我们的展位还为客人提供了探索越南文化令人兴奋的方面并获得特别礼物的机会 - 包括咖啡,世界上最受欢迎的饮料之一。 

所以,不要错过 – 单击此处让我们了解您的要求,当您来到我们的展位时,我们会为您准备好一切。到时候那里见!