Using PE Filler Masterbatch: A Guide to Optimal Usage

What is PE Filler Masterbatch?

PE filler masterbatch is a combination of 80-85% pure Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 powder with polyethylene PE as the carrier and other appropriate additives. PE filler masterbatch helps to reduce production costs and improve the physical properties of the finished product.

Mega Plast 25

It is normally bright white, glossy, uniform-grain-size. 

The usage rate is 15%-50% depending on your specific products

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Application of PE Filler masterbatch

Blown film: PE-based films & bags (Roll bags, T-shirt bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, agricultural films, breathable films…) 

Injection molding: Housewares, tanks, toys 

Extrusion: PE/HDPE pipe, bar, …  

Blow molding: HDPE bottles, containers, cans, … 

Woven: HDPE Tarpaulin  

PE Filler Masterbatch for Blowing film 01

The common problems in the use of PE Filler masterbatch

Blown film

  • Water carry over

Main reasons: Due to the moisture content of fillers

Treatment method: Need to dry filler masterbatch to remove moisture before using, reduce the rate of إضافات. Add anti-moisture additive.

  • Uneven dispersion

Main reasons: low processing temperature, the poor mixing ability of ingredients, unsuitable materials

Treatment method: Increase the processing heat and increase the mixability of the material. Change the raw materials or the recipe of the ingredients; reduce the percentage of filler masterbatch.

  • Film loses the transparency

Main reasons: The recipe for mixing ingredients and filler masterbatch is not suitable, there are many low heat running additives. Running low cooling wind, the glue has not completely crystallized.

Treatment method: Adjust the recipe for mixing ingredients. Adjust the processing temperature, select the appropriate plastic code. Large, fast cooling gas boost to increase clarity.

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  • Easy warping

This problem can be caused by the following reasons:

+ The base resin has an unsuitable MFI index.

+ The thickness between the plates is not uniform

+ The glue between the layers is uneven or the water glue should have moisture, the moisture removal process also causes warping.

  • Easy breaking

+ Due to the plastic resin not guaranteed quality. You have to use the correct plastic resin code which is suitable for each specific application.

+ The cooling process should perform slowly to avoid rapid heat loss. Rapid heat loss and uneven heat loss between areas of the plate also cause breaking errors.