Mega Plast's Favored CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch in Africa

A calcium Carbonate ماستر is a concentrated mixture of Calcium Carbonate (كربونات الكالسيوم 3) and a carrier resin (PP/PE/PE) that comes in pellets. It is a cost-saving solution for plastic manufacturers (plastic bags, PP woven raffia, non-woven, injection household items, etc.).


There are different sources of Calcium Carbonate Fillers in the world like Egypt, Spain, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Jordan…

Why is Filler Masterbatch of Mega Plast from Vietnam famous for its competitive price, high quality & stability than other world sources?

There are five main reasons as below:

Owning high reserve & soft limestone quarries

Thanks to our limestone quarries, Mega Plast and other outstanding Vietnam suppliers could exploit soft CaCO3 powder with small particle sizes. Mega Plast has strong support from Global Minerals, a member of Nhat Huy Group. Global Minerals is a famous brand supplying high-quality calcium carbonate powder in the world. Therefore, Mega Plast could control the quality of our own soft CaCO3 powder to produce Filler Masterbatch with stable & consistent quality.

More information: The source of CaCO3 powder that Mega Plast used to produce Filler Masterbatch

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Vietnam calcium carbonate’s brightness

With the advantages of calcium carbonate with a top brightness >98.5%, Mega Plast could produce حشو ماستر with great whiteness & brightness than other sources like India, Egypt, and Turkey,… This helps final customers to save many production costs by reducing % the loading of white masterbatch for end production.

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State-to-the -art Technology

Thanks to state-to-the -art technology & the experienced technical department, Mega Plast is establishing many new product codes for PP woven running at high speed & thin blown film. Our price is competitive with the good quality compared to other sources like Spain, Egypt, Turkey, …

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Cheap labor cost.

All Vietnamese Filler Masterbatch’s factories are located in mountainous areas with a lot of cheap labor. This could help Mega Plast reduce costs to supply our customers with the best FOB price.

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Long-year exporting experience, especially in the African continent.

Mega Plast has more than 7-year of experience exporting Filler Masterbatch to Africa with a monthly volume 2,000Mts/ month to all African countries like Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

We are currently exporting to many African manufacturers like Mamuda Agro (Nigeria- PP woven Raffia), Sotufab (Tunisia- Injection Crates), …

Therefore, we understand well the quality & technical requirements of customers there. We could suggest to all African customers the best suitable grade & competitive price with different applications.

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Mega Plast at Complast 2020

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Mega Plast at Complast 2020