Explore the outstanding features of pp Filler Masterbatch. - MegaPlast Explore the outstanding features of pp Filler Masterbatch. - MegaPlast

PP Filler Masterbatches is compounded of Calcium Carbonate CaCO3, Polypropylene PP and other additive, in which, CaCO3 Powder – the largest proportion decided mainly properties of the product. Located in Nghe An, Viet Nam, Nhat Huy Group has the authority of exploiting the highest quality limestone resources of Viet Nam. Thanks to the advantage of our own CaCo3 factories, stable materials is directly selected, as the result, our PP filler masterbatch has natural whiteness and excellent dispersion with strong compatibility.

PP Filler Masterbatch Application: 

1. PP Woven Bag
2. PP Non-woven bag
3. Injection Molding

Why it is used widely in plastic industry ?

Cost reduction of the finished products due to lower consumption quantity of the virgin. When finished products are of white color or of light shades, it is possible to reduce adding ratio of white color pigment (TiO2 masterbatch) and as the result, composition cost is reduced.
Due to high thermal conductivity of calcium carbonate البوليمر melt is hit and cooled faster, extrusion or injection cycle is reduced, output is increased. 
Suitable for making “Food contact use” bags, since it is not including any toxic, heavy metal and harmful substances to human health in its formula; 
Vertical tearing resistance and tensile elongation strength of PP flat yarn (woven bags) are improved

Choose us – Choose the best quality.

Our PP Filler Masterbatch has outstanding features :

  • High dosing rate
  • Smooth surface
  • Low Moisture 
  • Good Printability
  • Free of Agglomeration