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Are you looking for a high-quality Calcium Carbonate حشو ماستر to meet the needs of your production line?

A good chance to start trial Vietnam CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch

Looking for a high-quality كربونات الكالسيوم 3 حشو ماستر to meet the needs of your production line? Look no further than Mega Plast, the leading supplier of filler masterbatch in Indian markets. With an annual capacity of 180,000MTs and over 15 production lines, Mega Plast offers superior quality كربونات الكالسيوم 3 filler masterbatch that is suitable for use in a wide range of applications.


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Which grade Filler Masterbatch of Mega Plast is bestselling in Indian Markets?

Boasting some of the highest brightness and whiteness levels available – up to 98.5% – Mega Plast’s كربونات الكالسيوم 3 PE filler masterbatch is perfect for use in thin-film applications. And with their ability to handle very high loadings of filler material without compromising on performance or quality, our PP filler masterbatch is also ideal for high-speed production lines running at speeds of 300-550 MPM. Additionally, we have a PP filler masterbatch specifically designed for nonwoven fabrics.

More specific loading:

  1. PE حشو ماستر for thin Film. Load up to 45%
  2. PP حشو ماستر for high speed 300-550 MPM. Load up to 10-45%
  3. (Exclusive Mega has) PP Filler Masterbatch for Nonwoven fabric. Load up to 30%
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What’s more, Mega Plast is able to offer كربونات الكالسيوم 3 filler الأصبغة at very competitive prices thanks to its unique position as the owner of soft limestone quarries. And with more than ten years of experience exporting to Indian markets, you can be sure that your order will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. The best part? You can get your order delivered right away because the FOB Haiphong is only 3xx $/MT and we can able to book the cheapest freight depending on where you live.

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So if you’re looking for a كربونات الكالسيوم 3 filler masterbatch supplier that offers outstanding performance at a competitive price, contact Mega Plast today!​​ ​​

Why is Mega Plast Masterbatch preferred in Indian markets?

Calcium Carbonate ماستر is a concentrated mixture of Calcium Carbonate (كربونات الكالسيوم 3) and a carrier resin (PP/PE/PE) that comes in pellets. It is a cost-saving solution for plastic manufacturers (plastic bags, PP woven raffia, non-woven, injection household items, etc.).
There are different sources of calcium carbonate filler masterbatch in the world, such as Egypt, Spain, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Jordan, etc. However, our products are considered to be of the highest quality thanks for five reasons:

We have CaCO3 and high reserve limestone quarries

Thanks to our limestone quarries, Mega Plast was able to mine soft CaCO3 powder with small particle size.
Mega Plast is strongly supported by Global Minerals, a member of the Nhat Huy Group. Global Minerals is a famous brand supplying high-quality calcium carbonate powder globally. Therefore, Mega Plast was able to control the quality of our soft CaCO3 powder to produce Filler Masterbatch with stable quality for final production.

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Vietnam calcium carbonate has superior gloss

98.5 High Whiteness

With the advantages of Calcium Carbonate with higher gloss >98.5%, Mega Plast could produce حشو ماستر with higher whiteness and gloss than other sources like India, Egypt, Turkey, etc. This helps customers save a lot of production costs by reducing the white masterbatch load % for final production.

The highest technology

We have 15 production lines that can produce 180,000 tons; Mega Plast offers premium Quality Calcium Carbonate ماستر suitable for use in a wide range of applications.
Thanks to high technology and an experienced technical department, Mega Plast has established many new product codes for high-speed running PP fabrics and thin blown films.
Our price is competitive with the excellent quality compared to other sources like Spain, Egypt, Turkey, etc.

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Cheap labor cost

All Vietnamese حشو ماستر factories are located in mountainous areas with cheap labor. This could help Mega Plast reduce costs to offer our customers the best FOB price, which costs only 3xx$/MT, and we can book the cheapest freight, depending on where you live.

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10- years of exporting experience, especially to the Americas

Mega Plast has more than ten years of experience in exporting Calcium Carbonate حشو ماستر to India including Mundra, Delhi, Nhava Sheva, Kolkata, Chennai…
Therefore, we well understand the quality and technical requirements of customers there. We could suggest the most suitable grade and competitive price to all Americas customers with different applications.

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If your business is looking for a supplier of quality filler masterbatch & color masterbatch with competitive prices in the world, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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