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The 2021 Increase of Resin Prices

Why did the price of plastic resin spike in the fourth quarter of 2021? In 2021, when the whole world is trying to adapt to the global Covid-19 pandemic, many industries are affected; the plastic industry, in general, remains unchanged and even thrives. Disruptions in the global supply chain, increasing demand for plastic packaging materials, […]

CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch of Mega Plast is favored in the Indonesian market

The supply of Indonesian CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch (Filler) is abundant. However, recently, distinguished features of Filler of Mega Plast (Vietnam) are recognized and get favored by Indonesian pp woven manufacturers. These features can be listed as below: 1/. Mega Plast Filler has greater brightness and whiteness than the Indonesian one. With the advantage of white […]

Megaplast’s PE Filler Masterbatch – A reliable and cost-saving solution for Plastic Manufacturers

If you are finding a trusted FILLER MASTERBATCH SUPPLIER for your company to cut down more production costs and build a long business relationship. MEGA PLAST – NHAT HUY GROUP IS THE FIRST CHOICE with more than 15 years of experience in producing & exporting Filler Masterbatch to more than 66 countries. We provide PE […]

How to use the PE Filler Masterbatch in the right way?

1. What is PE Filler Masterbatch? PE filler masterbatch is a combination of 80-85% pure Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 powder with polyethylene PE as the carrier and other appropriate additives. PE filler masterbatch helps to reduce production costs and improve the physical properties of the finished product. It is normally bright white, glossy, uniform-grain-size.  The usage […]

Mega Plast participated in Complast South Africa 2020

Complast Exhibition is famous fair for plastic industry The complete plastics exhibition – COMPLAST SOUTH AFRICA 2020 is a popular fair for many global plastics corporations and brands, bringing significant commercial prospects to the plastic industry. This is a great opportunity for enterprises to exchange business, expand market, improve production quality and import-export activities, as […]

How to solve Film adhesion, Water carry over, and Uneven dispersion in Blown Film?

It is well known that plastic-filler masterbatch can reduce the cost. Almost all plastic products use filler masterbatch, and blown film products are no exception. Blown film is one of the most popular plastic manufacturing methods worldwide. As it offers end-products great uniform properties regarding the length and width, it is specifically preferred in the […]

What do you know about the film blowing process?

Film blowing (or blown film extrusion) is one of many polymer manufacturing processes. This method can produce simple single-layer polymer films such as bags or complex multi-layers for food packaging applications. Product applications of this blown film extrusion method include Industrial films and bags such as shopping bags, T-shirt bags; Agricultural and construction films; Diaphragm, […]

What is the difference between Polymer resin and Filler Masterbatch?

Filler masterbatch is the flagship product of Megaplast. It can be said that masterbatch is a significant step forward, opening a new era for the plastic industry. It is the best solution that manufacturers use to improve the performance of raw plastics. Filler masterbatch contributes to solving problems for manufacturers, which is to reduce production […]

What is Filler Masterbatch? How do manufacturers use it to achieve optimal profit?

Climbing resin prices, heavy tariff and strict competition, firms are turning to increase their stock of mineral filler. More filler, less resin has become the best solution for plastic manufacturers prioritize cost value. In this article, we not only find out about filler masterbatch but also reveal how manufacturers use filler masterbatch to achieve optimal profit […]

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