Breaking News: Mega Plast Dominates the Plastic Industry in Nhat Huy Group - MegaPlast Breaking News: Mega Plast Dominates the Plastic Industry in Nhat Huy Group - MegaPlast

Nhat Huy Group has dedicated two decades of effort to build a remarkable ecosystem consisting of various industries, such as construction materials and plastic industry support. Within this ecosystem, Mega Plast stands out as a leading contributor.

Through independent product development, Mega Plast is committed to the overall success of the Group and aims to establish as a prominent brand in research, development, production, and export of filler masterbatch and plastic additives

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Reaching the world, fulfilling a vision – Nhat Huy Group’s journey

From our humble beginnings, Nhat Huy Group has been driven by the relentless pursuit of becoming the world’s leading manufacturer in the global supply chain. Our mission goes beyond our own success – we aim to make a significant contribution to the future development of our country. To achieve our goals, we understand that industry and technology must be at the forefront. By focusing on these areas, we aim to create international brands that showcase our commitment to excellence.

Since our establishment, Nhat Huy Group has taken a different path by prioritizing changes in management and continual production improvement. This approach has allowed us to expand our reach and lead the way. Innovation has always been at the heart of our business activities. It drives us forward, from our earliest factories in the 2000s to securing our first stone export order to Romania in 2006. This commitment to innovation is a defining aspect of our business strategy as we strive to achieve our century-long dream of discovering the beauty of industrial production.

Unlocking Nhat Huy’s Sustainable Ecosystem

In just two decades, Nhat Huy Group has transformed from a humble stone powder factory in Nghe An to a thriving multi-industry manufacturing corporation. With a focus on construction materials and plastic industry accessories, we have expanded our reach by establishing 13 factories in Phu Tho and Nghe An, along with 10 member companies. What sets us apart is our dedication to innovation and environmental sustainability. In addition to our initial segments, we now produce renewable and eco-friendly product lines, and have ventured into acacia wood production. This diversification has allowed us to build a robust ecosystem of member companies and exclusive factories spanned across various provinces and cities in Vietnam.

With access to abundant and top-quality stone sources, we guarantee stringent material screening processes and utilize advanced technology. This, combined with our unwavering commitment to quality, puts the Nhat Huy brand in a position to meet the needs of both the domestic and global market

MegaPlast – A bright spot in the Nhat Huy Group’s plastic ecosystem

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Nhat Huy Group’s plastic ecosystem stands out for its strong commitment to sustainability across its member companies. With a focus on exploiting, producing, and exporting Calcium Carbonate Powder, Filler Masterbatch, and PVC Compounds, Nhat Huy Group ensures these products are made with the highest standards at their reputable Mega Plast, Green PVC, and Global Minerals factories. These products are then distributed to over 60 countries worldwide.

Within the expanding ecosystem, each manufacturing factory chain within the Group has its own unique strengths and continually develops independent products to contribute to the overall success of the Group. Through the use of technology, Nhat Huy Group has created a material application chain, where the finished products of one factory become the input materials for another factory that has invested in new technology. One standout within Nhat Huy’s plastic ecosystem is Mega Plast, a global brand known for its production of filler masterbatch and plastic additives.

Continuous improvement

Mega Plast embodies the principles of persistence and ongoing growth. We prioritize management enhancements and production advancements to ensure exceptional performance and sustainability for our valued customers. The evolution of industrial management and product improvements has sparked a transformative revolution throughout our factories.

The unremitting efforts of our professional team

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Celebrating 20 years of success at Nhat Huy Group, we are thrilled to share the exciting transformation happening at Mega Plast. With our dedicated staff and expert supervision, we are confident in our ability to make a lasting impact in the world market.

Top-notch customer service

Mega is actively working on software development to enhance the customer care experience. We aim to create a comprehensive contact database where all customer information and interactions can be managed and stored efficiently. By automating various business processes such as customer requests handling and contact assignment, we aim to provide seamless support from start to finish.

Invest in Human Resources

Mega Plast prioritizes the growth of our employees by actively investing in training programs and enhancing their skills and expertise. Our company boasts a talented workforce that enjoys stable employment and excellent compensation, making us a formidable competitor in the industry.

Join us on our journey as we push boundaries and set new standards in the manufacturing industry. Mega Plast is dedicated to shaping the future and making a lasting impact. .