Production Boost: How Additive MBs Can Help You

At Mega Plast, we understand the critical role of additive masterbatches in optimizing plastic production. Explore the specific benefits of our advanced formulations:

Optical Brightener Masterbatch (Fluorescent Whitening Agent)

  • Reduce Yellowing: Our masterbatch effectively counteracts the natural yellowing process in plastics, ensuring a pristine appearance over time.
  • Brighten Whiteness: Enhance the overall brightness of your plastic products, contributing to a visually appealing and consistent finish.

Anti-UV Masterbatch

  • UV Protection: Shield your end-products from the harmful effects of UV light, preventing degradation and maintaining the integrity of materials exposed to sunlight.
  • Maintain Durability: By preserving mechanical properties, our anti-UV masterbatch ensures your products endure extended periods of use without compromising performance.

Anti-Block Masterbatch

  • Reduce Yellowing: Counteract the tendency of plastics to develop a yellowish hue, preserving the original color and appearance.
  • Enhance Brightness: Elevate the aesthetic quality of your products by minimizing the impact of inherent color changes.

Processing-Aid Masterbatch

  • Enhance Melting: Our masterbatch improves the melt flow of high molecular weight plastics, facilitating a smoother and more efficient production process.
  • Boost Processability: Enjoy enhanced handling during production, reducing the likelihood of complications and streamlining overall operations.

Fiber Glass Compound

  • Improve Strength: Strengthen your plastic products, enhancing their structural integrity for applications requiring robust and durable materials.
  • Enhance Impact Resistance: Increase the resistance of your products to external forces, ensuring they withstand challenging conditions.
  • Weather Resistance: Our fiber glass compound fortifies plastics against varying weather conditions, contributing to the longevity of your end-products.
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Investing in Mega Plast’s additive masterbatches empowers your plastic production with superior quality and longevity, ensuring your products stand out in terms of both performance and visual appeal.