Mega Plast: Delivering Quality and Confidence to Meet Market Demands - MegaPlast Mega Plast: Delivering Quality and Confidence to Meet Market Demands - MegaPlast

With a plethora of high-quality raw materials and advanced technology, Mega Plast is fully equipped to meet the demands of both domestic and international markets. Our meticulous material screening processes ensure top-notch quality.

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As we move forward, we are confident in reaching the global market and establishing ourselves as a leading brand in filler masterbatch and plastic additives production and export.

Discover the Inside Story: How Mega Plast Became the #1 Global Brand

After many years of establishment and continuous development, Mega Plast is proud to be Vietnam’s leading plastic filler masterbatch factory. Join us to discover why Mega Plast is so loved by customers around the world

Abundant raw material resources

With a spacious area of ​​50,000 m2 and strategic geographical advantages, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Situated in the Nghia Long Commune Industrial Park, Nghia Dan District, Nghe An Province, we are fortunate to be in a region abundant in natural resources, particularly High-calcium Limestone Resources. Here, we have the authority to exploit these resources that have been in existence for hundreds of years.

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At Mega Plast, we have a total annual production capacity of approximately 160,000MTs. We are able to achieve this by leveraging input materials from Global Minerals, another member of Nhat Huy Group’s plastic ecological chain. This allows us to proactively control the supply and quality of our materials, ensuring that only the best are used in our products.

Notably, our CaCO3 powder from Mega Plast (Vietnam) boasts a top brightness level of over 98.5%. This surpasses other sources such as Egypt, India, Turkey, and Nigeria. As a result, plastic factories can reduce costs by minimizing the use of white agents.

Strict raw material control and advanced technology

Mega Plast factory is a leading exporter of plastic beads, distributing to over 60 countries worldwide with a total of 200 customers. We have consistently invested in our production technology, upgrading to 12 modern production lines from 2019 to 2021. Our state-of-the-art equipment is imported from Europe, Japan, China, and renowned brands such as ABC, NCT, and Jewell.

By utilizing modern production methods and employing skilled professionals, we are able to meet any customer’s packing, loading, and disinfecting standards. With strong relationships with multiple shipping companies, we ensure the delivery of high-quality products, competitive pricing, excellent service, and on-time delivery to our customers. As a result, our Filler Masterbatch from Mega Plast has gained a strong reputation in markets such as India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Poland, and many more countries.

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Esteemed reputation of Nhat Huy and Mega Plast

Mega Plast, a prominent member of the plastic ecosystem within Nhat Huy Group, has established a strong reputation with customers worldwide over the course of 20 years. Our focus has always been on enhancing the customer experience, achieving exceptional performance, and ensuring sustainability. Through advancements in industrial management and production, our factories and products have undergone a revolutionary transformation.

From our humble beginnings in export orders to our current status as an industrial manufacturer, innovation has been integral to the success of Nhat Huy Group and Mega Plast. Each day, we strive to progress and build brand value, earning the trust of customers on a global scale. This commitment to excellence is the driving force behind our business strategy as we embark on a journey to revolutionize industrial production and fulfill our ambitious goals.

Mega Plast – A brand dedicated to affirming Nhat Huy’s name on the journey to turning 20

Transformation is a never-ending quest for improvement and innovative thinking. Nhat Huy Group and its renowned member, Mega Plast, have left a lasting impression on the industry, solidifying their position as a leading supplier as they approach their 20th anniversary. Originally specializing in calcium carbonate powder, plastic support materials, and stones in Vietnam, the Nhat Huy group has expanded significantly to become a diverse business group with a comprehensive ecosystem. A standout achievement for Nhat Huy is the ownership of the Mega Plast brand and factory, which sets the standard for product scale and quality, both in Vietnam and abroad.

Filler masterbatch

Mega Plast boasts a skilled and reliable team, as well as advanced technology, to produce top-notch models that meet the most demanding customer requirements worldwide. With a solid reputation for high-quality filler masterbatch products and excellent customer service, we are poised to take on more complex orders and expand into global markets. Today, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, Mega Plast stands as a prominent player in the plastic industry, proudly representing Nhat Huy Group. We are determined to become a leading brand in global filler masterbatch manufacturing, driven by our growth, ambition, and commitment to innovation.