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Additives Masterbatch


Go beyond color with Mega Plast's M-Tech Masterbatch series! Our portfolio of technical additives empowers you to enhance the performance and functionality of your plastic products in various ways:

Unlock Unique Benefits

  • Improved Processing: Achieve faster cycle times, reduced energy consumption, and smoother production with processing aids, anti-block agents, and lubricants.
  • Enhanced Properties: Tailor specific properties like UV resistance, flame retardancy, anti-static protection, and impact resistance to meet your application demands.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Explore bio-based additives and recycled content options to minimize environmental impact while maintaining performance.

Explore our Diverse M-Tech Range

  • Processing Aids: Improve melt flow, reduce viscosity, and enhance mixing for efficient production.
  • Anti-Block Agents: Prevent film sticking and ensure flawless product separation.
  • Lubricants: Reduce friction and wear during processing for smoother flow and improved surface quality.
  • UV Stabilizers: Protect your products from harmful UV rays, ensuring colorfastness and longevity.
  • Flame Retardants: Achieve specific fire safety requirements for various applications.
  • Anti-Static Agents: Eliminate static build-up and ensure safe handling of sensitive electronic components.
  • Impact Modifiers: Enhance toughness and impact resistance for durable products.

Benefits Beyond Additives

  • Expert Support: Our technical team is dedicated to helping you choose the right M-Tech solution for your specific needs and application.
  • Custom Formulations: We offer tailor-made masterbatches to match your unique performance requirements.
  • Reliable Supply: Count on consistent quality and timely deliveries to keep your production running smoothly.
Unlock the full potential of your plastics with M-Tech!