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White Masterbatch


White, the color of purity, brilliance, and simplicity, offers timeless versatility for your plastic creations. Mega Plast's White Masterbatch series unlocks a range of shades and functionalities to elevate your products:

Embrace the Power of White

  • Enhance Purity & Cleanliness: Infuse your products with a pristine, hygienic white for medical equipment, food packaging, and household items.
  • Highlight Brilliance & Vibrancy: Achieve crisp, bright whites to make colors pop and add a touch of sophistication to packaging, cosmetics, and appliances.
  • Embrace Minimalism & Simplicity: Opt for elegant, off-white tones for a calming and timeless aesthetic across diverse applications.

Unlock White's Potential

  • Exceptional Brightness & Opacity: Achieve consistent, high-covering white across different plastic types.
  • Superior Lightfastness: Enjoy long-lasting color stability, even under prolonged exposure to UV light.
  • Easy Dispersion & Processability: Ensure smooth mixing and trouble-free production with our advanced formulations.
  • Compatible Companions: Works seamlessly with various plastics, including PP, PE, PS, ABS, and more.
  • Endless Applications: Breathe life into a wide range of products, from toys and furniture to medical equipment, appliances, and packaging.

Find Your Perfect Shade

  • Classic White: Explore pure, bright whites for a timeless and versatile foundation.
  • Warm White: Opt for slightly yellowish tones for a softer, warmer aesthetic.
  • Cool White: Choose bluish white shades for a crisp, modern look.
  • Custom Creations: Need a specific shade or functionality? Our experts can tailor-make solutions to your exact requirements.

Beyond the Color

  • Sustainable Solutions: Explore eco-friendly White Masterbatch options containing recycled content.
  • Technical Expertise: Our team is dedicated to helping you choose the right shade and formulation for your specific needs and application.
  • Reliable Supply: Count on consistent quality and timely deliveries to keep your production running smoothly.

Embrace the Versatility of White

Mega Plast's White Masterbatch series is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities.

Contact us today to discover the perfect shade and functionality for your project and let your white creations shine!