Advantages of PP Filler Masterbatch for PP Woven

Explore the outstanding advantages of using PP filler masterbatch (CaCo3 Filler Masterbatch) for PP Woven

What’s PP Filler Masterbatch?

PP Filler Masterbatch is the combination of Calcium Carbonate and Polypropylene (PP) as the main components, and other additives. Thanks to the extremely outstanding feature contained in the ingredients of CaCO3, PP Filler Masterbatch gives natural white colour to the finished product plus the stability of colour dispersion. This product is used as a filler which helps increase productivity, hardness, modify physical, chemical and thermal attributes of the surface and reduce cost of goods.

Nowadays, almost all PP Woven Bag manufacturers are using filler masterbatch as one of the most important materials in producing PP Woven Bag and FIBC Bag. Let’s take a detail look about the benefits of using filler masterbatch for your PP Woven products.

Mega Plast PP Filler Masterbatch

Benefits Of Using Filler Masterbatch For Your PP

To reduce manufacturing cost

This is the most important benefit of using filler masterbatch. This material will replace a part of Virgin Resin (up to 40%-50%) to help you gain big profit in your pocket.

Thanks to own CaCO3 Powder Factories (area of 50,000 square meters with total annual production capacity of 120,000 Mts), we have stable materials and can directly collect the best source for producing filler masterbatch, which can help us have a competitive price for this material.

Mega Plast PP Filler Masterbatch 01

To enhance the strength, excellent elongation & good compatibility of your PP Woven Bag

With new formula from our factories, NHG’s PP FILLER MASTERBATCH can HELP INCREASE THE DOSAGE RATE UP TO: 40% FOR PP WOVEN; 30% FOR SPEED 520mpm FOR PP WOVEN; 15% FOR FIBC and still keep the excellent elongation, tensile strength, super smooth surface and dispersion.

Mega Plast PP Filler Masterbatch 03
Mega Plast PP Filler Masterbatch 04

In filler masterbatch, we add some additives to increase the elasticity when you process with Virgin Resin and this also supports you to negate all problems that occur in manufacturing PP Woven Bag/FIBC Bag.

To increase the printability of PP Woven Bag

After finishing the final process for PP Woven Bag, some partners will require to print their brand name in the PP Woven Bag. By mixing filler masterbatch, the printability of your PP Woven Bag will have better-quality.

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