Color Masterbatch: The Optimal Approach to Plastic Coloring
Blue Masterbatch

Besides white plastic beads, plastic manufacturing enterprises also consume many color masterbatches each year. They are indispensable materials to increase the attractiveness of appearance and the characteristics of plastic products. Colored plastic fillers exist in many forms, from liquid, powder, and pellets. Let us find some color masterbatches that are considered the optimal coloring method for the plastic industry below.

What are the requirements for colored plastic beads used for production?

  • The chemical composition of the resins must be compatible with the chemical composition of the resin compound to which they are added: One type of resin cannot be used for all material mixtures. For example, dyes are often used with polystyrene, polycarbonates, or acrylic polymers. In contrast, dyes are a better choice for polyolefins.
  • Stability of colored resins: In plastic processing, the raw material mixture is mainly exposed to heat at high intensity. If the stability of the color resin material is not guaranteed, the color of the final product will not be guaranteed. In particular, for the production of plastics for the food and beverage industries, the stability of plastic is even more prominent.
  • Colors must meet customer requirements: Plastic manufacturers often have to research formulas to mix different colors, with the most appropriate ratio to ensure the correct color code of output products according to customer requirements.
PP Filler Masterbatch Color 62

Color masterbatch – The most effective method to color plastic

The current trend of plastic enterprises is to use colorants for plastics in pellets (granules) instead of liquid or powder dyes because of their diversity and efficiency in production. This method is called color masterbatch, and it is mixed with other raw materials such as plastic fillers or additives in producing plastic products. Pigment in colored resin in high concentration (10 – 70%) with excellent dispersion will give the final product an excellent appearance & quality.

Color masterbatch fully meets the production requirements in terms of dispersion, stability in storage, and flexibility in use. Colorfastness and weather resistance are also excellent. In particular, the cost of colored plastic pellets is significantly cheaper than liquid or powder form. That is why Filler Masterbatch is considered a cost-effective solution for the plastic industry.

Production technology of filler masterbatch at Megaplast

Compared with domestic and regional plastic resin factories, Mega Plast confidently asserts its leading technology and output product quality position. The outstanding achievement is that we have upgraded investment in production technology of 3-screw extruder with automatic feeding and mixing system to help PP filler masterbatch products better disperse, remove moisture, increase loading rate; suitable for higher speed product lines… (Denier: 540-600, high speed > 500, filler rate: 6-25%), the plastic particles are cut evenly and aesthetically more beautiful.

To have a large output of filler masterbatch exported to the world market (estimated at 2000 cont/year, distributed to more than 60 countries worldwide with a total of 200 customers). Mega Plast factory constantly upgrades and invests in 12 modern production lines from 2019 to 2021 with high-class equipment imported from Europe, Japan, China, and famous brands like ABC, NCT, and Jwell.

With the 2-screw machine line, the factory adds new equipment and outstanding technology to increase product quality. The machine works on cooling the materials after mixing, creating operational stability in the production process for all product lines manufactured at the current Megaplast factory. In addition, to cool the filler masterbatch output, prevent the goods from freezing, and limit the moisture of the finished product due to condensation, the Megaplast factory has also added additional equipment for the accompanying drying line. All stages are complemented by fully automated processing installation equipment.

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