PP Calcium Carbonate Filler: Maximizing PP Woven Performance

Over the past decade, the use of filler masterbatch, specifically PP filler, has witnessed significant growth across several industries. PP woven, in particular, accounts for a significant portion of PP calcium carbonate filler usage. This leads us to ask the question: How can the woven sector make the most of PP filler? Read on to discover the answer in this informative article.

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Enhance your woven manufacturing process with PP Filler Masterbatch.

PP filler masterbatch is an ideal solution for PP woven producers seeking to enhance the efficiency and savings of their manufacturing process. Composed of a premium blend of PP resin, calcium carbonate, and other additives, PP filler masterbatch offers a range of benefits, including increased productivity, improved properties, enhanced printability, and reduced carbon footprint. 

Depending on woven requirements, with a suitable PP filler masterbatch loading rate, producers can optimize their tools and processes to achieve the best results. 

And the most important is: Reduce production costs!!!

Don’t miss out on the significant advantages that PP filler masterbatch offers – upgrade your production process today.

Tips for Optimal Use of PP Calcium Carbonate Filler

If you want to get the most out of your PP calcium carbonate filler, there are a couple of important considerations such as: 

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To maximize the effectiveness of PP calcium carbonate filler, it’s essential to consider denier as a crucial metric for determining the type and the appropriate usage rate of filler masterbatch. Denier refers to the thickness of the fabric. The thicker it requires, the higher proportion of filler needed. 

For deniers lower than 700, keeping the filler loading rate at 15% or lower is recommended. Conversely, you can load up to 40% filler for deniers over 700. With these guidelines in mind, you can ensure optimal PP calcium carbonate filler utilization for your needs.

Extruder speed

As plastic enterprises strive to boost productivity, high-speed extruders have become increasingly popular. This factor is key in determining the quality of the Filler Masterbatch produced. In fact, the higher the speed, the better the quality of Filler Masterbatch can be achieved. 

For example, our customers in Brazil mostly run machine speeds from 480 – 520 MPM; we have to use vista max in order to enhance material strength and enable high-speed operation without breakage.

Temperature (heat temperature, extruder temperature, cooling temperature, etc.)

To properly melt PP into liquid form, maintaining high temperatures is essential. More specifically, the average heat temperature for PP Filler Masterbatch should range between 170 and 270 degrees.

Tensile strength

Tensile strength refers to the maximum amount of load that a material can bear without breaking when stretched. PP woven products come in two primary forms:

  • PP woven sacks/bags typically range in size from 10 kgs to 100 kgs and are used in industries such as cement, fertilizer, animal feeds, rice, and sugar. These have a tensile strength of around 5 KGF. 
  • The other type is Jumbo bags/FIBC, which are used for shipping large quantities of products and can hold 500 kgs or more. These have a tensile strength of approximately 10KGF.

When using Filler masterbatch, be aware that it may reduce tensile strength. To compensate for this, we recommend loading an additional 40% for small bags and only 10% for Jumbo bags. This will ensure optimal performance and quality of your product.

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IPA Filler PP Woven 2.2

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