What is the difference between Polymer resin and Filler Masterbatch?

Filler masterbatch is the flagship product of Megaplast. It can be said that masterbatch is a significant step forward, opening a new era for the plastic industry. It is the best solution that manufacturers use to improve the performance of raw plastics. Filler masterbatch contributes to solving problems for manufacturers, which is to reduce production costs.

1- The properties of filler masterbatch are created from the nature of the base resin

Filler masterbatch on the production and consumer market is very diverse. Each type has distinct features, roles & characteristics. This difference is largely due to the different types of resin bases.

Talking about plastic – the original ingredient of filler masterbatch, plastic is a synthetic material derived from organic ingredients such as coal, natural gas, salt, cellulose, and especially crude oil. The nature of plastic is a polymer chain, so it can also be said that polymer refers to plastic, with molecules made of hydrogen and carbon atoms, sometimes in the presence of other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, silicon, fluoride, sulfur, phosphorus, etc.

Plastics are classified in many ways depending on their properties, function, or composition. One of the most common ways to divide plastics into groups is based on the thermal aspect. According to this feature, there are 2 types of plastic: thermoset and thermoplastic. Besides the thermal aspect, its molecular structure and composition (how many types of monomers are there?) are also basic principles for classifying plastics.

Therefore, it can be said that the variety of filler masterbatch is based on the variety of the base resins.

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2- How is filler masterbatch different from plastic polymer resin?

Plastic polymer resin is purely polymer chains without any other components.

Filler masterbatch, on the other hand, is a mixture consists of multiple ingredients.

The plastic is one of the most important components of calcium carbonate masterbatch that serves as the carrier. Other vital elements, accounted for the vast majority of plastic filler, approximately 70-80% of the mixture, is calcium carbonate powder. Besides base plastic and CaCO3 powder, filler masterbatch also consists of pigments powder and several additives depending on the customer’s requirements.

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3- Filler masterbatch production process

The production process of filler masterbatch takes place in the following 4 basic stages:
– CaCO3 stone powder, base resin, additives are mixed by machine at high speed
– The mixture is melted into a liquid form at a high temperature
– The liquid mixture is cooled and then pushed forward by the screw in the twin-screw extruder and pressed into the mold
– Plastic is put into the cutter to cut into granules. These particles will be added to the resin to bring new features to the raw plastic.

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